Hotel Palau Sa Font
C/. Apuntadores, 38
07012 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares

Tel +34 971 712 277


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    • How to get there from the airport by car and where to park it
    • How to get there from the airport by taxi
    • How to get there from the airport by bus

    As almost the entire old quarter is a pedestrian zone, we’re lucky not to have much traffic in our hotel’s area. Therefore, it’s a bit tricky for hotel guests to drive to the hotel, but not at all hard: You are allowed to drive to our door to leave your luggage, but afterwards you should leave your car in a public parking area (there are two, both a 5-minute walk away from the hotel). Usually there is no problem to stop at the door for a short time to unload your luggage – it is not a very busy road.

    How to drive from the airport to the Hotel Palau Sa Font
    Our address is:
    Hotel Palau Sa Font, Calle Apuntadores 38, 07012 Palma
    GPS coordinates: 39º 34’ 13.38” N – 2º 38’ 37.04” E

    IMPORTANT: At arrival, please let the reception staff know that you came by car! (Explain where you entered our area and where you parked your car.) That’s the only way we can figure out whether you entered the traffic restricted area.

    Leaving the airport, you drive towards Palma. After about 10 km you will see the cathedral (1) on your right. A little bit further you will find the first crossing, Avinguda Antoni Maura (2) – here you turn right, but after only 20-30 meters you turn left – this one is called Passeig Sagrera and runs parallel with Avinguda Gabriel Roca/Passeig Marítimo. Here you will see a sign that says “ACIRE Drassana” which means that only residents can enter and park, as almost the entire old part of town is pedestrian zone, but hotel guests are allowed to drive into this area.
    Keep on driving on the Passeig Sagrera for about 200 metres, turn right (3) and enter the Plaça Drassana (a square with tall trees), where you should make less than a half turn around and go up a little bit, just to turn into the Carrer Apuntadores (left) – after 20 metres you will reach the entrance of the hotel. Please make sure to tell us your license plate number on your arrival, as we have to send an email to the ACIRE department for every guest that enters the restricted area, otherwise you will get fined! (Cameras record every single car that enters the area!) The ACIRE department will then authorise your entrance. This authorisation is valid for your entire stay with us.
    We don’t accept responsibility for fines!

    Where to park
    Usually there is no problem stopping at the door for a short time to unload your luggage – it is not a very busy road. Yet: Please do not park your car! Just leave it right outside the hotel with the warning lights on. Afterwards you should leave the car in a public parking area. All parking places are more or less 5 – 10 walking minutes from the hotel. The underground parkings underneath the Parc de la Mar/ Antoni Maura or Passeig Mallorca charge between 1.93 EUR – 3.00 EUR per hour. The maximum daily fare is 23.11 EUR in low season and 27.41 EUR in high season. There are also blue dotted-lines parking spots at the port/marina and other areas within walking-distance. Meters expend tickets for parking from Monday through Friday between 9am – 2.30pm and 4.30pm – 8pm, and 9am – 2.30pm on Saturdays.
    The maximum parking time is 120 minutes. Parking tickets can be paid either at the meters or with the app “Telpark”:

    Most taxis will drive up to the door, as they are all allowed to enter the pedestrian zone. The ride from the airport to the hotel should cost about 20,- EUR, depending on the amount of luggage, the day (weekday or holiday) and if it’s night- or daytime. It takes about 20 minutes.

    For directions, please print out the following letter, in Spanish, and show it to your taxi driver!

    Estimado amigo taxista,

    Estamos al final de la calle Apuntadores, a metros de plaza Drassana, y nuestra dirección es la siguiente:

    Hotel Palau Sa Font ****
    C/. Apuntadores, 38
    07012 Palma

    (lo más sencillo es entrar por el Paseo Sagrera a la Plaza Drassana, subir una pequeña cuesta, girar a la izquierda y a unos 30 metros está el hotel)

    Coordenadas GPS:
    39º 34’ 13.38” N – 2º 38’ 37.04” E

    El sistema ACIRE permite sin ningún problema la entrada de los taxis hasta la puerta del hotel. Pese a que las calles son estrechas, nosotros y el cliente se lo agradeceremos.

    Si se encuentra con alguna dificultad, le rogamos que nos llame al 971 71 22 77 (24 hs) a fin de ayudarlo a encontrar el hotel, pero ya verá que no tiene pérdida.

    Saludos cordiales y hasta la próxima
    Hotel Palau Sa Font

    From the airport you should take bus # 1 (direction “Port”) to Palma. Ask the driver to tell you to hop off at “Passeig Mallorca No. 18” just before crossing Jaume III Avenue. (Passeig Mallorca is a street with a water stream running through the middle). Keep walking in the same direction the bus was coming, with the water stream on your right. You will come to a little park with a big modern sculpture, like an inverted church. Turn left. Keep walking down up to the end of the street (a bar on the front and Santa Creu Church on your right). Turn right along the church, that´s Sant Llorenç street. Walk down Sant Llorenç to the end (just 100 m) and turn left at Sant Pere street, but just a few steps – then turn left again immediately at Carrer del Vi. Our Hotel is the big pink building in the corner of Carrer del Vi with Apuntadors. It seems complicated but it´s not at all – and just a ten-minute walk.

    Old, new, foreign and in between – Welcome to La Lonja

    If you are in a small bar enjoying a “pa amb oli” sitting next to fellow locals having their cortados while English speakers discuss the sea breeze on their iPhones, you are probably in La Lonja quarter.

    If you spot a design boutique, a vegan restaurant and an ancient looking bakery on the same street, then again you are most likely to be in La Lonja.
    Since the Middle ages La Lonja (fish market in English) was the melting pot where merchants and sailors came and went. It’s nice that today this old and unpredictable feeling still remains. The wind is always blowing.

    We are located right in the heart of “La Lonja”, at the end of a narrow street, just a bit off the restaurant and bar area. As there is restricted access to almost the entire old quarter, we’re lucky not to have much traffic noise in our hotel’s area. Of course, being in this privileged location, in the very city center, does include some people noise. This hotel is not isolated from the buzz of urban life.

    Precautions should be taken as in any big city: be alert for pickpockets in crowds, and stay away from individuals pressing you to take a flower or a trinket as they will then ask money for it, or attempt a pick pocketing.