Who we are

We are the different kind of boutique hotel. Not the one that offers luxury and exclusivity. But the small independent hotel with real charm and personality. The one that offers that warm and familiar kind of service. The one with a real connection to the place, the neighborhood and the community. We are advocates of the small local shop around the corner, the farmer that supplies us with organic olive oil and the crafter who keeps traditional Balearic craftsmanship alive.

Uniqueness is important to us

We love what we do and believe that the best service is always the authentic and genuine one. We don’t train our staff to learn standard lines by heart. There is no set formula for every guest. Each person is different and has his own particular preferences and needs. We lend you as much or as little assistance as you desire, so that you feel looked after, but relaxed.

We believe in a person’s individuality and uniqueness. This applies to our guests as well as to our staff. Only the colorful mix of people, backgrounds and personalities makes our hotel what it is. We don’t want to flatten this rich variety of characters by making our staff members wear uniform. Quite the contrary, we encourage plurality and diversity.

Design and Majorcan craftsmanship

Hans-Jürgen Pahl is responsible for the interior design. He designed our furniture, which was then handcrafted locally. Even though these wrought-iron works have a long tradition on the island, the result is unmistakably modern. We also worked together on the choice of marbline sinks and the typical “trespol” , the floors – all materials to lay down and conserve the authentic Mediterranean character.